How do I become a paid on-call firefighter for the City of Dayton Fire-Rescue?

Why do you send a fire truck along with an ambulance to a medical emergency?

How do I obtain a fire department report?

How do I obtain a permit to burn natural vegetation (leaves and/or sticks)?

What is not allowed to be burned in a burn pile or pit?

Why did a fire truck pass me on the roadway with activated lights and sirens, but then turn them off and change lanes or turn off?

Why do emergency vehicles block traffic lanes when there is a vehicle crash?

How do I obtain a 9-1-1 address for my property?

Does the City of Dayton Fire-Rescue fill swimming pools?

How do I request a CPR, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, or Fire Prevention program/class?

How do I schedule a fire station tour or on-site fire truck visit?

What edition of the ICC:  International Fire Code is enforced by the City of Dayton?