Point Park

Point Park is located just off Highway 27 on Chickamauga Drive. The City has 4 pavilions that can be reserved at Point Park and 1 pavilion available at the Walking Track.


To reserve a pavilion please call (423)775-1817 or click here to check availability. There is an application to be filled out and the cost of reserving a pavilion is $1.00.

The pavilions and Centennial Park need to be reserved 2 weeks in advance but cannot be reserved more that 60 days in advance.

“Rules and Regulations to Reserve Parks” and Reservation Form can be found here.

Pavilion 1 - Large pavilion
Pavilion 2 - Pavilion to the left of the large pavilion     
Pavilion 3 & 4 - The 2 pavilions on the point
Pavilion 5 - Located at the Walking Track

Bicycles, rollerblades, skates, skateboards, and pets are not allowed on the Tennis Courts.